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Small Unit Leadership

Mindsets Are Not Built with PowerPoints and Speakers- It must be intentional.

Bridge Over Water

Good character is a requirement to be an effective ethical leader...

Character is built on individual traits you develop and embody such as justice, judgment, knowledge, integrity, courage, endurance to name a few.

Character Traits are also a big reason why we are drawn to each other and is often to the reason we refer to someone as a "Born Leader".

Character is a requirement to be a leader but character education and development alone will not produce or empower leaders. 


Elite, empowered, empathetic leaders are those who have been mentored, with varied experience, and training...


But it is not enough to Lead...

Leaders are honed through Values and Principles that must be taught. They are the guiding principles that steer effective leaders every day and along with character traits help make the best decisions for the organization over self.


Like Know your teammates and look out for their welfare, Seek and Take responsibility, or Employing Your Team in Accordance with its Capabilities.


Good leaders learn when and where to employ these and more, but they also  understand challenges and conflict like when personal values come into conflict with organization values, understanding how to counsel effectively and mentor and emotional intelligence.  

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