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Our Approach

A curriculum at every stage to fit your districts unique needs. 



Character development & train the teacher program based on cognitive neuroscience.



Leadership training & mentoring every week for student body, student leader groups and alternative schools. 



Condensed combination of both programs with home campus follow-up.

A curriculum based on proven science. 

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Cognitive Neuroscience

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Science of Learning

Gear Wheel

Positive Psychology/ Restorative

Heart & Hands Outline

Self Efficacy/ Critical Thinkin

Curriculum founded in meta-cognitive neuroscience to help establish positive cognitive learning with students

Self-efficacy development through everyday learning such as service learning with the VA. 

Keeps students motivated and able to make positive changes in behavior. 

Based on 14 point positive character traits and 11 positive leadership traits.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

This isn't a book, it isn't curriculum you buy and HOPE someone uses it. It is a program & system designed around each district's unique vision and challenges.


It is precisely why we take a customized approach and work with you to tailor our program curriculum to address your desired outcomes.

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