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Our Work

Whether at Camp LT or during our Leadership Training, are student-athletes are given the tools to build a foundation of success throughout their team and community. 

Core Values

Nicholas Kresovich

"I am going to take it back to my school, build on them, make a great team and build a great foundation and bring some good traditions to Kingwood high school."


Armani Winfield
WR Baylor University Football

"Paying attention to detail...  the little things... the little things are always going to equal up to the big things."


Rachael Waggoner

"Feeling like I can be powerful... I can be a girl but at the same time be a tomboy on the field and not be afraid of anything"


Ke'Shawn Rubell
DB Texas Wesleyan University Football

"Has helped me become a better man and a better leader."

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