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Concussion Protocol

Recognition and diagnosis of concussion.


  1. All student-athletes who are experiencing signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a sport-related concussion, at rest or with exertion, must be removed from practice or competition and referred to an athletic trainer or team physician before being cleared to return.

  2. The initial management of sport-related concussion is relative physical and cognitive rest. Athletes diagnosed with sport-related concussion must be removed from play and must not return to sport-related activity for at least one calendar day and are to be evaluated by a health care provider with expertise in sport-related concussion. 

  3. Once a concussed student-athlete has returned to baseline level of symptoms, cognitive function and balance, then the return-to-play progression can be initiated, as follows in this general outline:

  4.    Light aerobic exercise such as walking, swimming or riding a stationary bike. No resistance training.  

    1.    If asymptomatic with light aerobic exercise, then;Sport-specific activity with no head impact.

    2.    If asymptomatic with sport-specific activity, then;Non-contact sport drills and resumption of progressive resistance training.

    3.    If asymptomatic with non-contact drills and resistance training, then; Unrestricted training.  

  5.  If asymptomatic with unrestricted training, then;Return-to-competition.  Medical clearance will be determined by the team physician/physician designee, or athletic trainer in consultation with a team physician.


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