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Cliff Dean


Cliff has served on the Board of Directors since 2008 in various capacities but most of his time has been spent on program and partner development strategies to help us create comprehensive, unique programs to move the needle in our communities. The most recent being Team America, our vision to create a new standard of tolerance in America through character & leadership, spiritual & community uplift, service & engagement, and economic empowerment through cross sector partnerships. He also works to optimize business process and compliance working closely with the CFO.


Cliff is a co-founder & partner of Tomlinson Ventures and is COO and Partner with the Tomlinson Center (formerly the LaDainian Tomlinson Preparatory Academy) focused on the leadership, education, performance, and opportunity programs supporting our district contracts and driving our partnership with TCU, Nike, Texas Association of School Administrators, and Texas Athletic Directors, and others. His primary focus on the Board is Strategy, Planning, and Business Operations.


Previously Mr. Dean has served as a Sales Executive with roles ranging from Key Accounts to Vice President and Territory Director. This experience spans the Fortune 500 including MasterCard Advisors, Corporate Executive Board (Gartner), and Lexmark as well as startup experience in information security, data center, software/application development.


He resides in Dallas with his wife, Shannon, and his 4 children. Cliff hails from Abilene and Athens, Texas, the son of 5th generation Texas farmers/ranchers and served in the Marines in Southern California, Alabama, and Overseas on various deployments.

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