Critical Thinking

51% Decrease Student Altercations, 50% Reduction in Recidivism, Remove Bullying, Decrease Student Mobility 

Solutions For  DAEP   & Student Organizations (Athletics, Fine Arts etc)

Install Personal and Small Team Ownership for Shared Sense of Responsibility

Based on military disciplines in character and leadership development, we combine cognitive neuro science, train the teacher, wrap around coaching and mentoring onsite by elite instructors.


Comprehensive Curriculum and Coaching Addresses:

Values, Traits, Principles, Ethical Leadership, Cultural Awareness, Chain of Communication, Organizational Structure, Leadership Tools, Team Building, Peer Leading Steps, Fundamentals of Mentoring, Fundamentals of Counseling, Understanding Friction, Challenges and much more:


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A Program Based on Proven Science

LTAC is an innovative, student-led, leadership training program that builds high-production cultures in organizations, teams, and schools through project-based learning, advisory support, and professional learning.  

Bolstered by community, corporate, and collegiate engagement, LTAC develops the self-efficacy, critical thinking, and resilience necessary to overcome adversity and attain success. 

Mental Resilience?

In my playing career I worked with Marines and Seals on mindset. What made the most impact was their disciplined adherence to values, standards, and process to overcome adversity developing mental.


I knew early on I wanted this for Student-Athletes not knowing School Districts would move this into DAEP, Advisory Period, and After School Programs.


Our programs install a system of small unit leadership to develop shared sense of responsibility implementing Personal and Small Team Ownership, the bedrocks of high production cultures.


We implement specific methodologies and processes from elite military and corporate organizations proven to eliminate victim mindsets, build growth mindsets that develop shared sense of ownership, resilience and confidence.