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College, Career, & Military Readiness... & Rewards

Based on Marine Corps Character Development and Leadership Training we combine cognitive neuro science and a combination of train the teacher and mentoring onsite by former Marine Drill Instructors and current U.S. Marines with curriculum to train students how to do what you are asking them to do.


Comprehensive curriculum and mentoring addresses: Values, Traits, Principles, Ethical Leadership, Cultural Awareness, Chain of Command, Organizational Structure, Leadership Tools, Team Building, Troop Leading Steps, Fundamentals of Mentoring, Fundamentals of Counseling, Understanding Friction, Challenges and much more:


Build mental toughness, civil discourse and debate skills, decrease student discipline referrals, cyber bullying, and tackle student mobility rates in partnership with Disabled American Veterans (DAV), and Marine Corps Recruiting Command.

It also includes elite performance professional development for middle and high coaches in under-served school districts for Explosive Power, Injury Prevention, and Strength.


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A Program Based on Proven Science

Problem-solving and metacognitive awareness are couched in student-friendly terms with a hands-on practice that provides the keys to the development of mature thinking and response. Much more than just words of the day, all curriculum develops character through an activity-based approach that develops self-efficacy and critical thinking skills.

A progressive 7-year developmental program first addresses character in grades 6-8 and leadership development in grades 9-12 with Former Marine Drill Instructors often augmented by Active Duty US Marines.

Finally, Community Engagement is a key component of developing humble empathetic leaders. Our partnership with the Disabled American Veterans enables leaders to create and execute a day of giving back at the regional Veterans Administration Center.

Why  Marines?

In my playing career I trained with Marine Drill Instructors and what made the most impact was their strict adherence to selflessness and mental toughness when it came to overcoming adversity.


I knew early on I wanted this for Student-Athletes not knowing School Districts would move this into all areas.


Our leadership curriculum is based on proven Marine Corps leadership traits and principles and is designed to take them through a progression from 6th -12th Grade. My intent was never to sell "curriculum or a book" it was to change lives and empower leaders.


This program does many things but without fail it develops mental resilience.


Over $65,000 in Scholarships Awarded since 2017 


Students, teachers, and coaches are motivated through a point system that can be exchanged for rewards, scholarships, experiences, and apparel.