Who’s Training Your Students To Be Leaders On And Off The Field?

“The skills that you acquire and the tools that we give you are what’s going to sustain you for a lifetime.”


Schools, More Than Ever, Are Uniquely Situated To Provide Character & Leadership Education

Activity-based curriculum. Not a stagnant lecture series.

Proven leadership training methods, not just character development

We aim to engrain behavior, not just talk about change

We reward excellence through scholarships, experiences, and more

Community-engagement curriculum for leadership development

A Curriculum Geared To Change Lives & Make A Difference

“If the goal is to engrain behavior, character development without leadership training is a wish, not a plan.”


Tomlinson Center for Excellence is part of the of the Character & Leadership Initiative of Team America. Aligning with the overall vision of Team America, the Center for Excellence is focused on developing community-minded leaders and elite citizens with a school-based curriculum.

The Center for Excellence delivers cognition neuro-science based curriculum via two models - one through former marine drill instructors or the other through a train-the-teacher model where we prepare the teacher to deliver the training to the students.

Our Program Impacts

Nate Hopkins

University of Connecticut

Kaden Smith

Stanford University

Faith Ann Cheek, Ed. D.

Bonham ISD

Carl Anderson

Marcus High School