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"To see the work ethic of one of the greats helped me go on to the next year and win the Heisman"


- Reggie Bush on Training with LT


Our player development combines come to your campus packed with tons of valuable training with the top coaches and trainers that helped LT become a Hall of Fame athlete: 


  • Verified Testing, Evaluation

  • Skills Development 

  • Program Design

  • LTAC Captain Development 

  • Athlete.Report Trending & Mindset Profile

  • College Scouts

Get ready for Collegiate Athletics at TCU 

Camp LT is a 4-day elite training workshop modeled on the full experience and schedule of a Power 5 D1 Student-Athlete.


  • Elite  Training For every Athlete 

  • Elite  Captain Development Contracted at TCU Football

  • Reaction Training & Evaluation

  • Speed School & Evaluation

  • Recruiting and Compliance Seminar from TCU 

  • Fully Staffed by College and NFL Coaches



Our performance coaching program is a sports specific program that was created and endorsed by LT to create the ultimate student-athlete.  


Our performance team includes some of the top collegiate and professional strength and speed coaches with national titles, that focus on helping high school coaches build their team's speed, agility, and explosive power.  

Explosive Power


What Would You Do With 30% increase in Team Speed in 6 Weeks?


We conducted a 6-week study with a team that only had 8 combined wins over 4 years to demonstrate the impact LaDainian Tomlinson's program can have on a team in a short amount of time. 


Design and Professional Learning for Knowledge Transfer






Increase in boys team speed & stamina

Increase in boys team agility & power

Increase in girls team speed & stamina

Increase in girls team agility & power


Injury Prevention

A significant number of injuries can be diminished in severity or totally prevented through in-season mobility work. Increasing flexibility, while maintaining power gives joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. the elasticity and staying power they need to remain healthy and strong through a long, grueling season.  Stability keeps players in competition and late into the season.

The midline is the entire spine, and its stability is dependent not just on the core, but also on all the prime movers of the body, including the hip, glutes, and hamstrings. Excessive tightness in any of the prime movers will affect the core muscles and increase the likelihood of injury.

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