A new study found civic engagement during adolescence promotes better health, education, and income over the course of adulthood.

We are committed to building complete students, athletes, and alternative school students, providing them with skills that will sustain them for a lifetime. Our program utilizes curriculum based on cognitive neuroscience with 14 leadership traits and 11 leadership principles which are the backbone of the program.

The program builds elite citizens through character development and leadership training. Every leader must first have strong character and our character curriculum addresses traits such as maintaining bearing in adverse situations, understanding tact in communications, and even knowledge as a trait. But character without leadership is missed opportunity. While all leaders must have strong character, it is not enough to lead. Because leadership is built on shared experiences, we mentor student leaders on how to lead their small units in scoping, designing, and leading civic engagement projects. We find that students excel within our program because our activity-based curriculum isn't just a series of lectures or a three-day clinic.

Adoption requires motivation. Not only does the Tomlinson Center help to develop better, more engaged students, but we also reinvest in school districts that are committed to our programs. Tomlinson Honors, part of the Team America Foundation, provides opportunities for all to achieve their dreams, ensuring that top-performing teachers, students, and athletes within our programs have the opportunity to earn rewards such as apparel, experiences, or attend college or vocational training through scholarships and financial rewards to top teachers and those who exemplify the best of mankind. It’s the difference between hoping and leaving no doubt.

Program Features

We train captains to lead and develop elite followers while also providing leadership instruction

Our activity-focused curriculum is based on cognitive neuroscience which utilizes 14 leadership traits and 11 leadership principles delivered by former Marine Drill Instructors or YOUR EDUCATORS or Both!

Mobile app and mobile-optimized website for instruction, weekly leadership, and community engagement that tracks progress and competition between schools and school districts for awards including financial rewards to top educators

Squads and squad leaders atop leaderboards become eligible for various experiences, scholarships, and awards

For student-athletes, we offer injury prevention and specialized functional, position-based strength and conditioning program aligned with existing school strength program

We Train Your Student-Athlete Leaders to Lead

Our Captain Challenges combine the best of team-building, challenging military training, and character and leadership programs into a condensed “Leadership Bootcamp”. It is designed to not only identify those who will fold under pressure, but also teach captains how to lead in adverse environments while understanding leadership styles and emotional intelligence and applying leadership principles that teach you to know your teammates, look out for their welfare, make sound and timely decisions, or simply know and understand in what circumstances a leader should use different styles like Authoritarian or Passive/Delegating Style.

Programs For Your District's Specific Needs

We believe in community-driven education. One-size-fits-all approach does not work as each community has different needs We understand that the needs of school districts vary, which is why we've tailored various programs to fit many needs. Certainly we have programs that focus on the student-athlete, but we also serve the general student population. We have developed specific programs for the general student population and also programs for alternative schools. For highlights on each of these programs, click below.

How We Implement

Train The Trainer

Selling curriculum isn’t our “style”. Our focus group of Superintendents, Coaches, Students, and Educators were instrumental in designing this program. Train the Trainer incorporates not just a single day of training but also on going interaction and support and summer workshops. It also includes data gathering and analysis and sharing study information to show your community results. No inflated, out of context claims here.


Ever feel like Charlie Brown’s Teacher’s Voice? We put our Instructors onsite to help deliver and develop elite citizens. Most often used in the student-athlete and alternative school program, all of our instructors are Elite Former Marine Drill Instructors and Leaders. Why Drill Instructors? What is not readily known is that they are highly trained psychologically and physically in Values Based Training. This includes 14 Leadership Traits for Character and 11 Leadership Principles for Leadership Development and operate on core values of Honor Courage, and Commitment.

Our leadership development program was modeled on the US Marine Corps’ own program to develop elite leaders so these men and women are uniquely qualified to deliver this programming.